The Contemporary World of Candles – Handcrafted in Thailand

CHAND introduces you to the contemporary world of candles

CHAND is a specialist candle brand with candles that are unique in scents, colors, and form. All products are a representation of candle making traditions since 1972. Handcrafted, traceable, and environmentally friendly, CHAND makes use of perfumery knowledge to create unique scents that bring new unexpected experiences. Our products give a feeling of self-fulfillment, curiosity, and open-mindedness.

CHAND is short for Chandler. “We want people to see candles as one of the essential things in life. Candle creates the perfect atmosphere and it’s a part of people’s comfort.”

The First Candle Boutique in Thailand

7 Types of candles

Committed to the appearance and of course the usage purpose of our products. We offer 7 types of candles to suit with current lifestyle, ranging from scented candles, birthday candles, tealight candles to taper candles and pillar candles that look absolutely stunning on dining tables, in parties or at home corners for festive ambience. We also cater to candle lovers with stylish must-have accessories like candle warmer, wick trimmer and candle holder that are selected to be featured at CHAND Candle Boutique.

Inspired by over hundreds of Pantone shades

Apart from the use of natural ingredients and the signature 100% made in Thailand identity, the colors applied in the manufacturing process is inspired and guided by over hundreds of Pantone shades that the brand has selected to fit with clients style and preference. We also understand the customers’ passion for customization to suit with their own mood & tone and probably their favorite corners at home.