The Contemporary World of Candles – Handcrafted in Thailand

What makes CHAND stand out

What makes CHAND stand out is the selection of premium homegrown and exotic ingredients and the combination of premium fragrance – the unique creation of CHAND and the country’s top perfumer. CHAND scented candles are meticulously crafted by hand in certified laboratory through where clients can watch this spectacular creation. Moreover, every candle product from CHAND is top grade quality and is ensured of safety for every beloved customer.

“Pretty Cake Needs Pretty Candles.”

Another highlight from CHAND is the spiral birthday candle that wonderfully airs the classy vintage vibe. Thanks to the German candle mold selected by the brand, the candles add the perfect gimmick to special birthday occasions, and are definitely the best alternative since cake and birthday cakes are the must-have pair for everyone’s special day. CHAND’s signature birthday candles are offered in over 36 Pantone shades.

Channeling the right mood at home

or any place your heart desires

CHAND’s candle products can soothe the sense and relax the mind. Our 100% beeswax candles can light up a good vibe and proved to soothe those with asthma. While CHAND scented candles can channel different moods, relaxing, fun or hypnotizing, depending on the selection.

We project future collaboration with stores, events, hotels, spas and lifestyle fashion brands as well as the up-and coming local artists. We also plan to introduce new items including unique accessories for candle lovers.